Toothpick Portrait #16

Toothpick portrait #16 Coll Anderson

Coll Anderson (of C.A. Sound) and I are working on “Chasing the Moon” for PBS/American Experience.  He is doing the mix and I am doing color correction.  So we end up swapping files back and fourth frequently.  One time I was dropping files off at his place, I had my camera and asked him if I could do a toothpick shot.  Ever supportive “No problem, what do you need from me?” was his response.  This is the first ‘remote’ shot in the series, meaning all the previous shots were done at Massive Clouds HQ.  I told him I needed a white background and he said “O sure, we got that, follow me”  I follow him outside to the driveway.  There nailed to the outside of his studio,  a pull down a projection screen.  “You mean like this?” he said.  Worked a treat!  Thanks Coll!

Coll Anderson