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digital film dailies

Digital Film Dailies Workflow for Feature Films

 Massive Clouds is a local experienced resource in the Hudson Valley that offers digital film dailies services.  Based in uptown Kingston, our location is close to NY State Thruway and Kingston Rhinecliff bridge.
Below is one scenario that we have used in the past. Let us customize your digital dailies workflow to fit the needs of production.
digital film dailies
  • Ingest media onto 100TB+ Massive Clouds in house shared storage server.  Then double backed up.
  • Sync all clips.  All audio channels will remain discrete. 
  • Apply REC 709 or Show LUT to LOG footage. Some light color correction may be applied.  
  • De-Squeeze anamorphic content or apply 2:35:1 blanking if needed etc.
  • Timecode + Filename window burn in can be applied.
  • Export all clips to 1080 HD h.264 (or other proxy + resolution) files with matching file names to camera original files.
  • Upload all files to Frame.IO.  Crew members will get alerts when new files have been uploaded.  Dailies can be viewed on desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Provide Dailies Report on footage calling out potential issues.
  • Massive Clouds studio is available for viewing dailies upon request.  Additional charges may apply.
  • Bin Footage into NLE of choice
  • A runner from Massive Clouds may also be provided.  Additional charges may apply

Starting @ $550 per day / $2750 per week

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318 Wall St.
Kingston, NY 12401