join or die

a bold statement.  the gravity of that is explored through the work of Robert Putnam.  The author of “blowing alone” makes the case for social capital.  Why we should all join a club and make the world a better place.  One community at a time.


bob putnam’s work on bowling alone has made large ripples that have effected many people.  pulling from years of research for the roper center and others.


JOIN OR DIE documentary  – Directed by Rebecca + Pete Davis

Join Or Die is a film about why you should join a club and why the fate of America may depend on it.  Follow the story of America’s civil unraveling through the journey of legendary social scientist Robert Putnam, whose viral “Bowling Alone” research into the decline in American community lights a path out of our democracy’s present crisis.  Flanked by influential fans and scholars from Hillary Clinton and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to Eddie Glaude Jr. and Pete Buttigieg as well as inspiring groups building community across America, join Bob as he explores three urgent civic questions: What makes democracy work?  Why is our democracy in crisis? And what can we do about it?

It was such a pleasure working with Rebecca and Pete on this film.  Color correction for the film was done here at Massive Clouds utilizing our go-to toolset DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.  Working in collaboration mode with my assistant Eric Jacobs we were able to both work on the same timeline at the same time.  A big boost to efficiancy as there were many elements coming in a different times.  This enables Eric to be conforming clips into the timeline while I can concentrate on color.

The film premiered at SXSW.  I feel very fortunate to have worked on such a poignant film.  Color correction for documentary film is always a challenge.  However the results can be rewarding.  Color correction with DaVinci Resolve Studio was done here at Massive Clouds.






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