Carol Bove is a scuptor working out of her studio in Red Hook Brooklyn.  In 2021 she was commisioned to do a show at the met in new york city.  The result was four sculptures installed on the facade of the Met entitled “The seances aren’t helping”

Filmmaker Sara Magenheimer and I worked together on this BTS project.  It is always nice to see how artists  work and the process on a large scale.

Carol Bove – The seances aren’t helping

Art to scale at 3000 pounds a piece.  Viewing the Met from Fifth Ave they provide a drama to the entryway.  “They’re kind of invisible at times, and very assertive in others,” Bove said. “They start a new pattern using the pattern of the surroundings, you know?” 

I really enjoyed working with Sara Magenheimer on the color correction for this BTS look.  Bove’s work is an interesting mix of male and female energy for me.  She is on my radar now for sure.  Looking forward to her next show.



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