like a breath of fresh air coming from a high school locker room, the bobby lees hits you like a ton of bricks.  In the best possible punk as fuck way.  just when you thought they were not, the kids are indeed alright.  if you can’t get with this you’re dead.

I had such a blast working with singer Sam Quartin of the bobby lees on the color correction for “hollywood junkyard”  Shot on the RED, we had fun pushing colors around till we got a good fit.  This band is on their way!

The Bobby Lees – Hollywood Junkyard

This great punk force hails from Woodstock, NY.  Not your first thought as you get your ass handed to you from the mosh pit.  Man it’s been awhile.  Fronted by the ever charismatic Sam Quartin, the band does not disappoint.  The School of Rock is real.  It’s not just a movie.  That is where the band got the itch.  So do yourself a favor and get on the mailing list for upcoming shows.  These MFs tour the shit out of the place.



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