A brother’s whisper is the powerful debut film from writer director + actor Jacinto Taras Riddick.  The film premieres at the pan afrikan film festival in los angeles april 19 2022.  It is a compelling character driven film that covers alot of emotional ground.  Great to this gem get out into the world!  

This film was shot on RED and that makes for a fun time in the color suite.  The raw format really give some room to push things around before they break.  Having an amazing cast is also a plus.  Such great work by everyone. 

A Brother’s Whisper

Solomon Bordeaux returns home to Brooklyn after serving three tours of the Iraq-Afghanistan Wars. Diagnosed with PTSD, he faces the harsh realities of racist-gentrification in a Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood he no longer recognizes. Eagerly awaiting his arrival is his brother David, a rising pro-boxer, who has stood in Solomon’s shadow. David has great reverence for Solomon, but his anxiety due to Solomon’s absence is unsettling. Familial bonds are forged, but soon interrupted by the disturbing secrets that unfold.


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A Brother’s Whisper