submitting your film for color correction

a prep guide
Massive Clouds Color Correction and 4K Finishing

Submitting your film for color correction checklist.

  • Project needs to be picture locked.  Once delivered to Massive Clouds picture changes are out of scope and will result in additional charges.
  • Collapse all video layers so that V1 Video V2 CG/Lower Thirds V3 VFX
  • Provide all camera original and other high quality media elements. graphics etc.
  • Project file from edit system, Avid, Premiere Pro, FCPX, or Resolve with sequence for color clearly labeled.
  • Provided project + XML file MUST link to camera original files NOT Proxy files.  Not doing so will result in additional fees.   
  • If using Premiere Pro, please make a new PP project with only the sequence to be color corrected.  You can select the sequence then go to file>export>new PP Project.
  • Export an XML or AAF of the final sequence.
  • Please provide media on SSD drive (Samsung T7 or similar) Slow drives will incur transfer fee. (12 min vs 12 hours)
  • Final audio mix to be provided by client for final export. 
  • Any graphics, lower thirds or end credits need to be provided by the client.  Unless previously discussed prior to project start. 
  • Provide a reference movie with TC Burn in and 2 Pop at top and tail of film.  This can be a low res h.264 file. 
  • If your project contains many intricate moves on stills, please provide a high res export.
  • For conform purposes we ask that you avoid duplicate file names in the project when possible.  If you do have duplicate file names please have different folder names for the different files.  For example “Billy Interview” or “Car B Roll”

Things to keep in mind

The audio mix can happen at the same time as color.

Once the project has begun you will receive an email providing a link to the Frame.IO page I will set up for your project.  This will be used for reviewing works in progress, adding notes and can be used as a repository for other files that may be needed to complete your project such as graphics. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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