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Ryan Martin Wandercease Band BTS Jared Samuel

Ryan Martin – Wandercease

behind the scenes making the record

Making the Record

Ryan Martin  Wandercease

Making the Record

Ryan Martin  Wandercease

Ryan Martin – Wandercease – Making the Record

Sometimes it is a good thing to get out of the post production cave, get out into the world and hang out in a dope recording studio.  Such is the case with shooting a behind the scenes film for Ryan Martins wonderful new record Wandercease.

Ryan Martin Wandercease smile Old Soul Studios

As an amateur musician I really enjoy watching the real deal work out creative problems.  Being a fly on the wall and listening to a song being born is a really great experience.

Ryan Martin wrighting b part

Wandercease is available through High Moon Records Bandcamp and all the online steaming services.  The final version of the film can be seen here.

Caroline Glass Woodwinds
Nick Kinsey Drums
Ryan Martin Wandercease BTS Connor Grant
Sam Lazzara marimba