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Monty Python Almost the Truth the Lawyers Cut: Obligatory Making Of Special

Editorial – Color Correction – Finishing

There were two versions of the show.  One was thirty minutes and a shorter nine minute version.  Below is the nine minute version.

Chad Smith of Massive Clouds and producer extraordinaire Debbie Harris-Balling worked together on this project for IFC.  Monty Python Almost the Truth, the Lawyers Cut: Obligatory Making of Special.  Yup, IFC has the full 6 hour show and wanted to promote this juggernaut of comedy with a “making of special”.  With the title of the show being so long we felt the only way to make our title page was to literally stick on the extra bits.  We came up with the idea of making it look like an old 70’s Dymo label maker.  Then we used that same idea for the lower third IDs for the Pythons and other talent.

Being a Python fan from the age of 12,  this project was a real treat to be involved with.  Part of the fun was working with interviews of like minded uber fans like Russel Brand, Steve Coogan and others.  Below Jimmy Fallon lists some of the Python memorabilia he has stored in a facility in Sweden.

Working on shows like this is the reason I got into this business.  The hardest part was choosing what we had to leave on the cutting room floor.  “How long is it now?”  Was asked many times.  “Dang we are still over!”  More cutting!

Russell Brand likes that throat wobbler mangrove bit.