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Land of Little Rivers
Land of Little Rivers
Full length Documentary film Color Correction

Land of little Rivers is a full length Documentary film focusing on the origins and modern era of fly fishing for trout.

Land of Little Rivers is centered around the Catskills of NY State, its rivers and towns, as well as filming in the Adirondacks, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.  The documentary explores the annals of these angler’s obsession, from the art of casting the perfect line to the sport’s origins as a secretive art known to a select group of local fishing families. This film is a solid example of quality video production here in the Hudson Valley.

This recent New York Times article is proof the sport continues to gain in popularity.

Selected Color Corrected Clips

The Director

Aaron Weisblatt


Aaron is an oscar nominated independent filmmaker. He produces, writes and directs. He often works as a cameraman and also as an editor.  He has been working in the film and television industry for over 25 years and has worked on many features and television shows as a sound editor and a picture editor. He has produced award-winning documentaries and has developed and produced ideas for television in the form of reality sizzle reels. Learn more about Aaron by clicking here.

Cast/Featuring: Robert Lewis, Rachel Finn, Dave Brandt, Ben RInker, Mike Canazon
Executive Producer(s): Bruce Concors
Producer(s): Aaron Weisblatt
Director(s): Aaron Weisblatt
Cinematographer(s): Robert Featherstone
Editor(s): Aaron Weisblatt
Composer(s)/Music: Ian Hatton
Sound Designer(s): Coll Anderson

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