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Farmer of the Year
Feature Film Color Correction

“Farmer of the Year” is a beautiful little film.  Shot in 4K on a RED camera.  Part road picture, part buddy picture, part family drama.  It hits a lot of notes and does an entertaining job doing it.  Working with the RAW R3D files for color correction in DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio gives some really nice results.

Hap is an old farmer that is finding it difficult to change horses in his 80’s.  With his expert of all things daughter in law taking over the farm, Hap needs to reinvent himself.  When the first try does not work out.  He falls into a funk.

Hap gets a visit from his granddaughter Ashley.  With some prodding Hap agrees to get out of town for awhile.  Hap and Ashley set out in the old RV and the adventures begin.

After a well received screening at the Sedona Film Festival, Farmer of the Year is currently making its way around the festival circuit.

Ashley finds a nice boy.
Hap and Ashley hit the road.
Haps brother has some big plans.
Ashley does not always approve of her grandfathers behavior.
Hap and Ashley get ready to hit the road.
Hap got a little wet.
Time for a new destination.
This buffet offers more than food.