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Farewell Good Brothers

Feature Doc – Color Correction / Remastering

This off beat documentary directed by Robert Stone was originally shot on 16mm film.  Robert asked me if I could remaster the film before it was delivered to large on-line streaming service.  We brought the uncompressed 2K film scan into DaVinci Resolve and did a color pass.  However additional clean up was still needed.  Using a suite of noise reduction tools along with other image enhancements we were able to get the film to a much better place visually.

These frame grabs show the before and after results.

Farewell Good Brothers is an off-beat, irreverent and often hilarious portrait of a few people who, back in the 1950’s, claimed to have been contacted friendly visitors from the planet Venus. Theirs is a world of mysterious government conspiracies, strange religious rites and unbelievable close encounters; a world inhabited by an assortment of charlatans, true believers, Christian fundamentalists, and messianic cults. Through contemporary interviews and a wide assortment of unusual archival imagery, the film examines the role of these so-called ‘Contactees’ in pioneering much of contemporary Flying Saucer mythology. With it’s emphasis on the political and religious motivations of these people and it’s visual depiction of their beliefs, FAREWELL, GOOD BROTHERS is unique in both style and content.