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Feature Film Edit + Color Correction

This summer Chad Smith of MASSIVE CLOUDS teamed with emerging film director Eddie Mullins to cover editorial and color correction duties on his debut feature film “DOOMSDAYS” A pre-apocalyptic comedy about the end of the world as we know it. Well not exactly.

Dirty Fred (Justin Rice) and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick) aren’t sanguine about the future. Convinced that dwindling petroleum resources will soon bring the modern world to a halt, they’ve dropped out of productive (and vehicular) society, choosing instead a life of free-wheeling vagabondage. As they trek across the Catskills, they break into a series of vacation homes, holing up until they either run out of food or are chased off. The pattern is interrupted, however, when they run across a teenage boy (Brian Charles Johnson) who insists on joining them. No sooner is he assimilated than an aimless young woman (Laura Campbell) also comes aboard, and the dynamic of the group changes with significant consequences for all.

Here is the trailer.