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Comedy Bang! Bang!

Too Much of a Good Thing


Comedy Bang! Bang! Too much of a good thing. ?    Chad Smith of MASSIVE CLOUDS recently worked on a series of 8 cut downs with producer Debbie Harris for the cult classic show Comedy Bang! Bang! airing on IFC.

The challenge with the cut down project is to cut the show in half and still have it make sense and not feel like anything has been left out.  The other challenge is hitting the target runtime of 10:45 for each episode.  The end result is stoner comedy on speed.  These cut downs are usually slotted in after a film has been broadcast and the network needs to get back to the top of the hour.  Above guest Brie Larson reacts to a surprise appearance from Fourval the orphan boy who has a penchant for cutlery.

So nuggets like the Jack Black episode where he busts a move to a Reggie Watts music track, can hit ya at anytime.  Host Scott Aukerman is captured by his guests groovatude.  Yes that is the episode with the fan boat mechanic / vigilanty J W. Stillwater.

One of our favorite episodes was the Halloween Special.  The cast and crew went all out with a full on “Rocky Horror Picture Show” parody that has great costumes and musical numbers written with a deft spoof pen.  VIRGIN!

I used FCPX 10.2.3 to edit the cut downs.  The program is so fast and fluid, letting me access the split audio tracks separately in the timeline.  This makes for a very efficient workflow.  FCPX is ready for primetime!

Below host Scott Aukerman gets to second base with guest Michael Cera.  Now he knows what that means.