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Comedy Bang! Bang! Cutdowns
Editorial & Finishing

Producer Debbie Harris-Balling and Chad Smith of Massive Clouds recently completed 8 episodic cutdowns for IFC’s cult favorite “Comedy Bang! Bang!”  Originally in a half hour time slot, the network wanted the episodes cut to 10 Min 45 Sec runtime.   IFC then uses these cutdowns as short program content.

The trick with the cutdowns is to make them look like they were meant to be that length.  Cut the show in half but keep the flow and the funny.  The end result is concentrated laughs.  The toolset in FCPX is great for this type of work.  The morph cut helped us on many occasions.  On one episode we cut out host Scott Aukerman’s head to morph only his mouth thus keeping the rest of his body intact and not draw attention to the cut.

For this season Weird Al Yankovic was the musical sidekick.  A pairing that proved to Al’s liking.  Look Mom I am on TV is not something I believe he said.  However there he was indeed on TV.

The hilarity does not only come from team CBB’s Scott Aukerman and Weird Al alone.  They get help from guests that cut up the entire floor.  Oh Hello Show made an appearance that proves it.  Yeah don’t cut that bit out.  They could be on Broadway soon!

Joe Jonas was a guest this season and he brought his bird.  “It is better than a cell phone”  said Jonas.  Unclear if his brothers have the same opinion.

The lovely Krysten Ritter aka Jessica Jones stopped by and learned about toilets and other stuff.

These condensed versions are currently airing on IFC!