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Bishop Allen – Why I Had To Go

Music Video

Chad Smith of MASSIVE CLOUDS shot,produced and co-directed the Bishop Allen Why I Had to Go music video for the upcoming Bishop Allen album release “Lights Out”.  This video paired Chad Smith with Bishop Allen frontman Justin Rice to co-direct. “Justin had this idea to shoot people hula-hooping to reinforce a lyric in the song” says Smith “He wanted to shoot it in slow motion so we decided to shoot this project on a RED Epic at 150 frames per second and the footage looks great”.

Picking a location for the shoot was a bit open in our pre-production meetings. One idea was to shoot outside in a party atmosphere. In the end however we decided to shot inside at BSP productions in uptown Kingston. It provided a great open space with proscenium arch that made for a contrast to the shots that were on captured on the white seamless. BSP was also able to provide the power that was needed for our lighting package. We ran 2 2000 watt tungsten and 4 1000 watt tungsten lamps. Going with tungsten lighting meant we did not have to worry about strobing issues that can sometimes be present when shooting slow motion with LED or HMI fixtures.

The editorial stage was done with FCPX. The thing about shooting slow motion is you end up with a ton of footage! Our total run count was over 12 hours. FCPXs skimming feature was a definitely a big help in getting through all the shots and still staying on schedule. The native playback of the camera original R3D files in FCPX was also very good. No need to transcoding like with FCP 7 was a big timesaver as well. Final color correction was done in DaVinci Resolve 10.

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