Color Correction - 4K Finishing - Delivery

Services Etc.

  • Color Correction / Look Creation

  • HD/4K Finishing

  • Archival Remastering

  • DCP / IMF Creation

  • Conform

  • Broadcast Ready Deliverables

  • In Session or Remote Workflows

  • 100+ TB Fast Networked Storage

  • 5.1 Audio Monitoring

  • Flanders DM-250 Calibrated Monitor

  • 55′ Calibrated LG OLED Monitor

  • Qualified NY State Post-Production Facility

  • Relaxed Environment


        The intersection of art + technology.

        Being a colorist means living at the intersection of art and technology.  With both being moving targets, ever evolving.  My main tool is DaVinci Resolve Studio.  It is being updated with more capabilities all the time.  Keeping on top of the new workflow enhancements is one of the things that keeps me excited about what I do.  Stagnant it is not. 

        Tastes also change.  What was popular at one time can need a refresh and new looks introduced and explored.  This evolution keeps me coming back.


        Chad Smith > Colorist  >>

        I have been in post production for over 20 years.  Starting in NYC working for cable networks, providing editing + graphics services.  Then later shifting my focus to color correction and finishing.

        Some say it’s not the wand, it’s the wizard.  Maybe that is over stating.  Magic is in the eye of the beholder, or two.  I like making movie magic.  Like everything else in this process, it is a collaboration.  You may not know the nomenclature of color science. Part of my job is to bridge your vision to the science.  

        The studio is located in wonderful uptown Kingston.  2 miles from exit 19 on the New York State thruway. 

        One Size does not fit all

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        Massive Clouds is located in beautiful Uptown Kingston at 318 Wall St.  There are many fabulous places to grab lunch.  Stop on by and check out the space!